Men’s Group Stages

Women’s Group Stages
Men’s Knockouts & Quarterfinals

Men’s & Women’s Semifinals

Championship Doubleheader

Walk the grounds with some of today’s biggest stars

“Travel the world” through a wide variety of cultural cuisines

Live music, and more!

Player meet & greets, autograph sessions, & unlimited photo ops

This tournament was the most entertaining sporting event I have ever been to. I enjoyed being able to watch multiple games back to back all while having food, drinks, clean bathrooms, etc.”

— Ashley M.

Crowd cheering

“There is nothing like it out there.
The atmosphere was amazing.”

— Kian

“It’s like a weekend World Cup!”

— Gillian

“My son was able to high five players on the way in and West Ham gave him a scarf. A core memory he will keep for the rest of his life.”

— Stephanie

“One of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Bro, I got to meet Clint Dempsey!”

— Jesse J.

“Fantastic format, exciting target score rule, highly skilled teams! Awesome cameos from celebrities and big name + underdog teams.“

— Waylon