Who Are: The Stickmen TBT 2017


Quick Hits

Bid: Popularity

Notable Players: Lou Amundson, Markel Brown, Joe Alexander, Donald Sloan

Number of Active Pros: 10

TBT History: First-time participant

Nutshell: A partnership between Eberlein Drive and actor Michael Rappaport. Most NBA experience of any team in TBT. May not be enough shots to go around for all of those talented guards.



The Stickmen, a combination of Eberlein Drive and actor Michael Rapaport, are one of TBT’s best stories in 2017, an embodiment of everything that makes this tournament so special. Eberlein Drive, named after a street in the Detroit suburbs on which a group of friends who created the team grew up, competed in the first-ever TBT back in 2014. When not enough of their players showed up to fill a lineup, the undersized and inexperienced team owners were forced to take the court against Big Apple Basketball and former NBA guard Smush Parker.

They were subsequently trounced by Parker and company, but the embarrassing loss only provided the boys from Eberlein with more motivation. They returned the following two years with reloaded rosters; the 2016 version of Eberlein Drive featured former NBA players Von Wafer, Renaldo Balkman, Justin Dentmon and Rawle Marshall. But, Eberlein was still unable to get over the first-round hump and decided, after three years of trying to do it their own way, that they were going to need some more star power.

Eberlein connected with Rapaport, the former booster of LAUNFD, early in the 2017 registration period, and together they’ve built a team loaded with NBA talent unlike anything TBT has ever seen. Eight players on The Stickmen have NBA experience, including former lottery pick  and West Virginia star Joe Alexander, 10-year NBA veteran Lou Amundson, former Indiana Pacers guard Donald Sloan, and acrobatic former Oklahoma State University stud Markel Brown, to name a few.

Because of their star power, The Stickmen will certainly have a target on their back in the West region, which is certainly unchartered territory for the former Eberlein Drive gang. That’s the beauty of The Basketball Tournament. One year you can be on the court with your friends, and the next you could be teaming up with a renowned actor building a stacked team.

In TBT, anything is possible.