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Number of Active Pros: 0

TBT History: Lost in the first round in 2016.

Nutshell: Named after a weekly sports radio show. All former college basketball players of varying skill levels. Friends just trying to live out a dream one more time.



Mostly Sports Delco is the classic case of a bunch of friends trying to relive their basketball glory days. Named after the popular podcast run by GM TJ Mann and forward Jay Devlin, Mostly Sports is back for their third straight year. After two years of first-round exits, they’re hoping to finally get off the schneid with their first-ever TBT victory. Returning from previous Mostly Sports teams is Brian Jesiolowski, a former St. Joseph's forward who played in college with Jameer Nelson and Delonte WestJesiolowski and has had a very successful career in show business, appearing in films such as Failure to Launch (2006), Iniquity (2006) and Deadly Gamble (2015).

After two years of having Jesiolowski as their only player with D-1 playing experience, Mostly Sports has added former UC Davis guard Kyle Brucculeri, who shot 40 percent from beyond the arc in his senior season. Also joining them will be Tyrone “Manchild” Hill, who holds the school record for points and rebounds at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Mostly Sports is certainly improved from previous years, giving them their best chance ever to win a TBT game.