What to know about the TBT Bracket Challenge


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

Here's what you could win in TBT's Bracket Challenge

You may have completed your bracket for TBT’s Bracket Challengeand if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?—but, do you know what you could win if you nail your picks and walk away as one of the Bracket Challenge’s Top 10 finishers?



First things first, if you complete the bracket challenge using the same email address that you used to register to vote, you will be awarded 20 points to your fan score on Friday, July 7. Remember that the top 100 fans of the winning team splits $200,000. Those extra 20 points could be the difference between a nice pay day or going home empty handed should one of your favorite teams win TBT 2017. If you win the Bracket Challenge, you get your pick of any of the 10 prizes. It’s like a fantasy draft. First place gets first pick. Second place gets second pick and so on.

Here’s the full list of prizes from which you can choose:

  • $500

  • $250

  • $100

  • Pick an at-large team in TBT 2018 (Ability to sell your pick through TBT)

  • Eggs for a decade

  • A TBT Game Ball

  • A personalized TBT uniform with your name on it. Team of your choice.

  • Half-court shot for $5,000. You must shoot. (TBT to set date, time, and location of shot)

  • Half-court shot for $2,000. You can shoot or anyone can shoot for you. (TBT to set date, time, and location of shot)

  • Make your fan vote in TBT 2018 worth 1,000 votes for the TBT 2018 team of your choice.


How’s the scoring work, you ask? Here you go:


You get 1 point for correctly selecting the winner of each Round 1 game (32 games), 2 points for each winner in Round 2 (16 games), 4 points for each winner in Round 3 (8 games), 8 points for each winner in Round 4 (4 games), 16 points for correctly selecting the winner of each semifinal game (2 games) and 32 points for correctly picking the winner of the Championship Game, live on ESPN on Thursday August 3.

Here’s another wrinkle: for each upset pick you correctly call, you’ll get bonus points equal to the seed differential between the teams. So, if you’ve got a 15 beating a 2 and it happens, you get 13 points in addition to the 2 points you get for correctly picking the winner.

Remember, you’ve got until July 7 to get your picks in. Choose carefully! TBT could be upset city this year.

Did we mention that entering the Bracket Challenge is absolutely free?



You can check out the Official Rules of TBT’s Bracket Challenge here