Team Emmett looking to honor late Dallas legend in TBT 2020


By: Savannah Deuer

Andre Emmett had an impact on each member of this team

When former NBA Player Andre Emmett died in his hometown of Dallas, Texas in September of 2019, he left behind a legacy that the people of Dallas treasure: confidence through hard work. 

This year, Team Emmett will look to play in TBT for the first time as a way to honor Emmett. The team is also hoping to pass on his legacy to younger generations, as well as establish the values that he instilled in kids all over Dallas. 

Andre Emmett was known as a people person, a family man, and someone who set the standard for what a professional athlete should look and act like. These values inspired General Manager Jeremie Hart to honor his late hero.

“Andre meant a lot for my generation of guys,” said Hart. “We could see him every day and go to him for advice. That’s the type of thing that we want to do for younger generations in Dallas.”


Before his death, Emmett always represented something larger than himself. Kids who wanted to play basketball looked up to him for his hard work and dedication.

“I hope that the younger generation of players see how we have come together, to do something great for our city,” said Hart, “to come together and support each other, just as Andre did for Dallas.”

In order to further continue the legacy of Emmett after TBT, head coach Jason Horton, as well as other members of the team, will be contributing to the Dreams Really Exist (D.R.E) Foundation. It's an organiztion that he established before his death and which looks to help students reach their full potential. 

On the competitive side, Team Emmett is composed of all players from Dallas, each of whom bring their own unique style and experiences. They also share one common goal: to honor their late idol, Andre Emmett. 

“At the end of the day, we want to represent what Andre embodied, and that’s confidence through hard work,” added Horton. “Nobody worked harder than Andre, and everyone on this team wants to show that.”

Donald Sloan is the most experienced player on the team, having played for five different NBA teams, as well as playing in TBT since 2018. 


“Sloan brings so much leadership and experience to our team, on top of being an awesome player,” said Hart. “He’s a big piece to our success this year in TBT, and his experience in this tournament is going to help our shot at winning.”

Other notable players for Team Emmett this year include Gary Flowers, Willie Warren, and J’Mison Morgan, all of whom have experience at the D1 and/or NBA level. 

Together, Team Emmett is hoping to demonstrate their competitive nature and basketball ability, all while honoring an idol who helped them succeed. 

“This is such a great group of guys, and we want to honor Andre while still being competitive," said Horton, "because it’s all for the brotherhood, it’s all for Dallas."