TBT2018: Fan Points Breakdown


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

The winning team in TBT gets $2 Million, one of the top prizes in sports. And their fans will also get a share of the loot.

The public can register as fans of a particular team, and then earn points as TBT moves towards the Championship Game in Baltimore on August 3rd. If your team comes out on top and gets paid, you can too! The top 201 fans of the winning team will split $200,000 of the $2 million prize. The top fan will receive $40,000, fans ranked 2-11 will receive $5,000 each, fans ranked 12-41 will receive $1,000 each and fans ranked 42-201 will receive $500 each.

So, how do fans start racking up points? 

  • Register as a fan of a team…Points!
  • Recruit friends to register as fans…Points!
  • Follow TBT on twitter…Points!
  • Post on twitter with #MYTBTTEAM…Points!
  • Your team wins a TBT game…Mucho Points!


Earning fan points is as easy as that!

Stay up to date on where you rank among your team's fans by checking the fan points leaderboard, where fans will move up and down the rankings until a TBT2018 champion is crowned on August 3 in Baltimore!

You can even switch your allegiance from one team to another, but depending on when you switch, it might cost you! Fans are free to switch which team they support until TBT2018 gets started on June 29, but once the tournament starts, switching your team will cost you 50% of your points you've earned to that point. 

In TBT, EVERYONE has the chance to join in and come out on top! Your teams. Your tournament.

What other sports tournament or event lets fans have a share of the winnings?   

For a full list of rules, please visit https://www.thetournament.com/contest-rules