TBT Unveils Jamboree Jerseys


By: Patrick Ronan | @pk_ronan

2017 Jamboree Jerseys Draw Inspiration from Philly Culture

The Jamboree is less than a month away and this week we got our first look at this year's jerseys. Staying true to the Jamboree's host city (Philadelphia) and TBT's "underdog, never give up" culture, the four new uniforms drew inspiration from the legendary Rocky I-IV movies. Let's take a closer look at the new threads and their Rocky roots.

White/Red: Rocky I

White Uniform Reveal_Twitter

Balboa rocks the white and red trunks in Rocky I as he transitions from struggling small-time boxer and debt collector, to heavyweight champion of the world. When defending champ Apollo Creed's scheduled opponent is scratched from the fight due to an injury, Rocky is chosen as the replacement. While everyone expects the match to be an easy win for Creed, Rocky sees it as his shot to go from "nobody" to "somebody". 

Black/Yellow: Rocky II

Black Uniform Reveal_Twitter

Although he lost his title bout against Apollo Creed, Rocky's will and determination catch the attention of the boxing world as he looks to capitalize on his sudden fame. Creed's pride is still soar from barely winning a fight against a virtual no-name fighter and he baits Rocky back into the ring for a rematch. Creed's arrogance proves to be his downfall, as Balboa takes full advantage of his second chance and strips Creed of his world heavyweight title.

Yellow/Black: Rocky III

Yellow Uniform Reveal_Twitter

After getting his revenge on Creed and becoming the new world heavyweight champion, Rocky is more rich and famous than he ever could have imagined. But the newly-found fame and fortune get to his head and Balboa becomes lazy and overconfident. Clubber Lang, a strong, cocky new contender played by Mr. T emerges and punishes Balboa in their first fight -- knocking him out and taking the title. 

Stars & Stripes: Rocky III & IV

Merica Uniform Reveal_Twitter

The loss to Lang brings Rocky back down to Earth and after the death of his trainer and father figure Mickey, Rocky turns to former foe Apollo Creed for help. He returns to the ring determined to take back the title and dawns the stars and stripes first worn by Creed when he was the champ. After returning to glory and avenging his loss to Lang, Balboa continues to wear the stars and stripes as champion, setting the table for a Cold War clash between the American hero, Balboa, and new Russian super-contender Ivan Drago.

Got a favorite jersey or pair of shorts? All four jersey sets are onsale in our online store! Don't forget, the Jamboree goes down June 17-18 in Philly. There are still open slots in each region, but act quickly before the field is full!