TBT to hold Puma Hoops Dunk Contest in Chicago during Championship Week


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

Contest on Friday, Aug. 2 before TBT quarterfinals game to be televised on ESPN2

CHICAGO, July 29, 2019 - Puma and The Basketball Tournament (TBT) present this year's Puma Hoops Dunk Contest, which will feature eight players facing off in a bracket-style competition, posterizing one another until a single winner is awarded $40,000. 

The contest will be held at 8 p.m. CT on Friday, Aug. 2 and televised on ESPN 2, in between TBT’s quarterfinals matchups of Loyalty is Love vs. Overseas Elite (on ESPN) and Team Brotherly Love vs. Team Hines. DeMarcus Cousins, general manager of Loyalty is Love, Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets, Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks, and Chris Brickely, a coveted off-season trainer for NBA players will be serving as the contest’s judges.

Of the eight contestants, four were participants in this year’s TBT, three were selected from social media, and one earned his way in via Puma’s dunk-in contest at ComplexCon. The contestants are:

1. Michael Purdie (social media)

2. Joseph Osabi (social media)

3. Jay Wavey (social media)

4. Jumpin Joe (ComplexCon)

5. A.J. Merriweather (TBT - Jackson TN UnderDawgs)

6. Khalil Iverson (TBT - Kohl Blooded)

7. Will Coleman (TBT - Bluff City)

8. Leon Sewell (TBT - Brotherly Love)

The Puma Hoops Dunk Contest will put a spin on the traditional dunk contest as each participant will compete head-to-head and try to dunk on the opponent. Defenders are allowed to stand in the restricted area and only jump vertically to attempt to block the dunk. A referee will be assigned to call fouls. If a foul is committed, the dunker will be given another attempt to complete the dunk, but the defender can no longer jump. Judges will score each dunk individually. 

Tickets for the TBT Quarterfinals matchup on Friday also will be good for the Puma Hoops Dunk Contest. For tickets to any of TBT’s games during Championship Week August 1-6 at Wintrust Arena, visit www.thetournament.com.