For Ohio State alumni on Big X, goal is to dethrone Carmen's Crew brothers


By: Savannah Deuer

Big X has five Ohio State alumni on the roster for TBT 2020 

When Ohio State alumni team Carmen’s Crew won the TBT 2019 Championship Game, it had a profund impact on a rival team: Big X

While Big X is comprised of players from all across the Big Ten conference, this year they will feature five former Buckeyes themselves. Many of those players grew up watching the older guys on Carmen's Crew dominate the floor at Ohio State.

Now, after losing to Carmen's Crew last summer, the inspiration has turned competitive.


Former Michigan Wolverine turned Ohio State Buckeye Andrew Dakich will return to the team as both a player and general manager. He's brought in some of the best talent to come out of the Big Ten in recent years

“I’ve played with almost everyone on this team, whether it be at OSU or against them, like Vitto Brown and Khalil Iverson,” said Dakich. “We know we already work well together, and that gives us an added edge over some other teams.”

And Big X isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The team added former Ohio State center and NBA Draft prospect Kaleb Wesson to the roster just a few days ago. His brother Andre, another former Buckeye, is also on the roster.


The team comes into TBT this year with plenty of experience playing in high-pressure situations. The last time Dakich, the Wesson brothers, and Jackson were playing on a court together, the Buckeyes finished second in the Big Ten Conference and made it to the NCAA Tournament. 

Outside of Ohio State, forwards Vitto Brown and Khalil Iverson bring good size under the basket. The former Wisconsin Badgers both have prior TBT experience.

“It’s cool to play with Khalil and Vitto because we played against them in college,” said Jackson. "We know their game and we all have that same mentality of working hard, playing to win.” 


As the team prepares for TBT, the goal remains clear, to bring the Big Ten a championship. If they meet up with Carmen's Crew along the way, it's a challenge that they would certainly relish.

“At the end of the day, we have a lot of respect for Carmen’s Crew," said Dakich. “We grew up watching those guys. But it’s not a rivalry until you beat the other team,”