NCAA Tournament To Adopt TBT Bracket Celebration


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

Move that bracket tag on over!

While TBT games are as unpredictable as anything in sports, the postgame ritual has remained constant over the past four years. At the conclusion of a game, the two teams shake hands and exchange pleasantries (or talk a little bit more smack, remember $2 million is on the line). After that, the winning team heads over to the giant bracket and advances its tag to the next round. 

This ritual has quickly become a fan favorite over the years. What could be better than seeing a team's hard work all culminate in that one moment (or six if you win TBT)? So when Yahoo Sports college basketball writer Jeff Eisenberg posted his yearly tweet pleading for another prestigious 64-team tournament to adopt the tradition, it caught the attention of the NCAA.



After presumably watching the rest of TBT and seeing how much fun both players and fans alike had with this ritual, as well as a passionate plea from our friend Fran Fraschilla on ESPN, the NCAA announced that they will be implementing it on college basketball's biggest stage. 


Much like with TBT, we can't wait to see everybody from Cinderella to college basketball's blue bloods move that bracket tag over to the next round. Because in reality, it represents more than just a single victory. It's a testament to hard work and always pursuing your dreams.