March Madness adopts TBT bracket celebration for third straight tournament


By: Kathryn Maloney

Players & fans alike love a good bracket celebration

Everyone celebrates a big win in a different way. In TBT, the only way to truly soak in the moment is by moving your bracket tag into the next round. 

Players and coaches alike celebrate and hype up this moment. This trend has received lots of attention, and has expanded into the NCAA Tournament for the third straight tournament. 


After the game, TBT players walk over to the larger than life bracket to move their team into the next round. Often accompanied by players yelling and celebrating, it has become one of the most rewarding scenes of the tournament. 

The NCAA announced they would be adopting this tradition back in 2017 after public pleas from ESPN's Fran Fraschilla and college basketball writer Jeff Eisenband. Now, winning NCAA teams can look forward to this post-game routine. Though their bracket may not be as large as TBT’s, the players certainly still have lots of fun. 


Videos of teams stamping their way into the next round have become increasingly popular on Twitter. Players surround the lucky teammate that gets to move their spot, while often recording on their phones. 

This TBT tradition provides one of the most joyful moments of the tournament, especially when a team gets to do it six times. There have already been some great bracket celebrations this March, both from school’s affiliated with TBT and those that could be one day. Maybe one day a player will get to experience this ritual as both an NCAA and TBT champion.