For Hirschmann, appearance in West Regional Championship was a "long time coming"


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

After being called the worst team in 2014, Eberlein Drive is one win away from Baltimore

If you asked Jacob Hirschmann where Eberlein Drive would be in five years back in 2014, the answer would almost certainly not be in the #TBT2018 West Regional Championship Game. In fact, his team of childhood friends was so bad that Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn dubbed them "the lost cause of The Basketball Tournament." Since then, Eberlein Drive has been a maverick in the TBT world: they won a Draft King's sponsorship in 2015, got into the 2016 field through a fundraising component, teammed up with Michael Rapaport in 2017 and now find themselves one win away from Baltimore. I caught up with Hirschmann to discuss the team's humble beginnings, progression through TBT and his life outside of basketball. 



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