The following sets forth the rules and regulations (the “Rules”) that will apply to The Puma Hoops Dunk Contest (“the Dunk Contest”) for 2018.  TBT Enterprises, LLC is the sponsor and the producer of the Dunk Contest (the “Producer”). The Producer is a sports entertainment business located at 1660 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA 02135 (email: info@thetournament.com; phone: 617-789-5900.) Producer is also the sponsor and producer of The Basketball Tournament (“TBT”), a single elimination, winner-takes-all, basketball competition taking place from June 29, 2018 through August 3, 2018.

    The Dunk Contest is currently intended, but is not guaranteed, to be produced for livestream on the internet and telecast on television/cable networks. Note: The Producer shall have the power and authority to determine all matters with respect to the Dunk Contest and the Rules, including without limitation to make a final determination with respect to the applicability of or compliance with any Rule and the right to suspend or waive the requirements of any Rule, all and in each case, as it may determine, from time to time, in the exercise of its sole discretion. All references herein to any decision, election, determination, exercise of rights or other action by Producer means, in each instance, the exercise of such right or taking of such action in Producer’s sole, exclusive and non-reviewable exercise of its discretion.
    1. ​​​​The Dunk Contest will take place on Friday July 27, 2018 in Atlanta, GA at the location of TBT’s third and fourth rounds, currently scheduled to be played on the campus of Georgia State University. In its sole discretion, Producer will select up to six (6) contestants from within the field of players who will have competed in TBT in 2018. Puma and Puma Basketball, a sponsor and partner of TBT, will select an additional contestant by soliciting entrants from around the world over its online social media channels, including, but not limited to its Instagram, Twitter account, and Facebook accounts.
    2. The entrant that Puma and Puma Basketball will select must be received by the means promoted by Puma on its social channels not later than 11:59:59pm on MONDAY JULY 23, 2018. Neither the Producer, nor Puma, nor Puma Basketball make any representations, warranties, or assurances that any specific set of criteria shall determine who among the entrants who apply to compete in the Dunk Contest is selected to compete.
    1. A total of up to seven (7) contestants will then compete in a dunk contest to be judged by up to four (4) impartial judges. Each dunk shall be judged on a scale of 1-10.
    2. Each contestant will get three (3) dunks in the Opening Round and four (4) dunks in the Championship Round. Each contestant must complete dunks that meet the following criteria in order to advance and win the Dunk Contest:
      1. Opening Round Dunks: One handed dunk, Two handed dunk, Crowd Participation Dunk or Alley Oop
      2. Championship Round Dunks: One handed dunk, Two handed dunk, Crowd Participation Dunk, Posterize Dunk
    3. Posterize Dunk The fourth & final dunk of the Championship Round will be a Posterize Dunk, with Finalist A trying to dunk over Finalist B and vice versa
      1. The defender must start under the hoop and only challenge vertically
      2. The defender cannot foul. If the defender does foul, as judged by a referee that Producer will provide, the dunker will be permitted to dunk again and on the second attempt, the defender cannot jump to defend the dunk.
        1. If the defender blocks the dunk cleanly, the dunker will receive zero (0) points for the dunk.
    4. Prize  The contestant who is deemed the winner shall receive forty-thousand dollars ($40,000). The contestant who comes in second place shall receive ten-thousand dollars ($10,000).
    ​Any Contestant who has been arrested, charged with or convicted of a violent felony, in each case that has resulted in any term of imprisonment or any form of incarceration within the last seven (7) years (i.e., since July 2011), or who is identified on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons Lists (the “SDN List”) issued by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (including if such identification first occurs during the Dunk Contest) may, in Producer’s sole discretion, not be eligible to participate (or continue to participate) in the Dunk Contest and, if so barred from participation, shall not be eligible to win any portion of any prize. Producer may also exclude from participation in the Dunk Contest any individual who has been convicted of, or found liable for, any form of sexual offense, irrespective of whether a conviction led to imprisonment or any form of incarceration or has any other criminal history. Failure to disclose a history of criminal convictions, arrests or charges or identification on the SDN List may result in a Contestant’s immediate disqualification from the Dunk Contest and may also result in the disqualification of the Contestant’s entire Team. A Contestant with any history of such criminal convictions, arrests or charges specified above, or any knowledge that he or she is identified on the SDN List must notify Producer of such history or identification. Such notification must include date of offense, location of offense, arrest and/or conviction, and disposition of the case, as applicable. If Contestant has not provided Producer with any such information, Producer shall assume that such Contestant has represented that he or she has no criminal history and is not identified on the SDN List. In addition to the foregoing disclosure, Producer shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to perform a formal background check in connection with any matters concerning Contestant’s background, as well as check Contestant against the SDN List, and Producer shall have the right to use such results to assess whether Contestant may participate or continue to participate in the Dunk Contest. Contestant may be asked to provide all applicable information required of him/her in order for Producer to complete such formal background check and/or check of the SDN List, and Contestant’s failure to do so may be grounds for disqualification from the Dunk Contest.
    1. ​Following the end of the Dunk Contest, the winner must be available to render press and publicity services as requested by Producer for not fewer than two (2) weeks.
    2. Each Contestant acknowledges and agrees that, as an applicant to participate in the Dunk Contest he/she will be required as part of entry in the Dunk Contest to execute additional paperwork which may include, without limitation, the Participation Agreement and medical release(s) (including, but not limited to medical releases), and such other documents as Producer may require from time to time.
    3. Each Contestant further acknowledges that he/she has been provided with a reasonable period of time to review the foregoing Rules, and to ask Producer any and all questions that Contestant may have with respect to the Rules, the Dunk Contest, the prizes and any other questions it may have, agreeing to participate each Contestant agrees to all of the foregoing Rules.