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Scott Hettermann #24 | Shooting Guard

Height: 6'4"
Location: Doha, Qatar , California
Player Bio

Started all 5 positions at one point in my college career. So bad at foul shooting, that missing an "and1" really destroyed me emotionally, meaning I had to go to the line for 2. My career winning percentage doesn't really exist. Managed to play overseas as a 6'4 white guy that couldn't shoot. Love a good armbar, lot of love for D3.....but at the root of it all Basketball has defined my life (as it has many others) and there is no better sport to develop character, breed lifelong relationships, and teach life lessons.

Highest Level Played: Overseas Professional
Highest Level Team Name: North Star
Last Year Played at Highest Level: 2004
Alma Mater: Washington and Lee University
Salary: $150000.00