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Bryan Tracy #3 | GM/Head Coach

Height: 5'7"
Location: Sunset, Utah
Player Bio

I played basketball in high school in the Army and abrode, enjoyed it and several different leagues around Utah, and is founder if the Utah Basketball League. Was eligible for 1990 NFL Draft. I enjoy and love basketball very much. Served five years and US Army, graduate out of Weber State. Enjoy putting teams together and coaching over the years and think the TBT tournament is a great way to do that against High level competition and playing in a great tournament, that gives everyone a chance to dream, and go after the big prize of $2 million.. We will put together a great team, will build with young and Veteran players that we’re familiar with, and will form a great nucleus. Going to have players who understand the importance of what teams need to have: communication, comradery, getting along, and building trust within each other. And representing Ogden, Weber State, our military brothers and surrounding area and playing for Diabetes Awareness!

Highest Level Played: JUCO
Highest Level Team Name: Utah Breakers- UBL
Last Year Played at Highest Level: 2017
Alma Mater: Weber State
Winning Share: $100,000Zelle