Watch: Marcus Keene announces Sideline Cancer will return for TBT 2021


By: Gabe Maturo

Sideline Cancer captured America's heart last summer

In a summer where they accomplished so much, Sideline Cancer suffered the same fate as 23 other teams last year: heartbreak. Despite inspiring the nation and establishing themselves as a TBT contender for years to come, they still finished one game shy of their ultimate goal. 

So, on a recent episode of Inside TBT, Marcus Keene made it official. He announced that Sideline Cancer will return for TBT 2021.

Although they fell just short in the TBT Championship Game, the team still achieved one of their most important objectives: raising awareness to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. At the conclusion of the tournament, Sideline Cancer received $40,000 worth of donations from Golden Eagles players and TBT fans. 


Throughout the tournament, the team’s “I Can” and “Believe Always” mantras touched everyone who was a part of TBT, even those who were watching at home. 

That Sideline Cancer squad is one that won’t be forgotten. Whether it was Mo Creek hitting an Elam Ender to beat Overseas Elite or Marcus Keene putting on a show every time he touched the floor, this team brought a load of excitement to TBT. 

Now they’re back to do it all over again.

Watch Keene make the big announcement here: