TBT Regional Rankings 4.14.2017


By: Patrick Ronan

Serious Moves Made in the Second Week of Voting

Thanks to a strong week from a handful of teams, there's some serious shake ups in the regional standings for TBT 2017 as of April 14, 2017. Please note that the standings and the vote tallies of the teams are subject to change, and what is published here may not be reflective of the standings as they are displayed on TheTournament.com.  

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Talladega Knights leads the Northeast for the second week in a row, while Gaelnation continues to hold on to the second spot. But the real story out of the Northeast is the movement of OPI and South Jamaica Kings -- two teams that flew up the leaderboard. Last week, OPI barely cracked the top 12 -- sitting at No. 12 with 102 votes. Since then, OPI has more than quadrupled its votes and jumped all the way up to third. South Jamaica Kings, a New York based team, found itself outside of the top 12 after one week of voting, but turned things on in the days since. They currently rank sixth in votes and joined Springs' Willows Runners as teams from the Northeast that have reached eligibility. Rounding out the eligible teams from the Northeast is Brothers Dat Ball, a team highlighted by GM, point guard and former Big 12 Freshman of the Year Josh Selby (Kansas) and All-SEC guard Kenny Boynton (Florida). They currently rank 17th in voting, but something teels me the star power on this team will move them up the leaderboard in the coming weeks. 

  1. Talladega Knights – 852
  2. Gaelnation (Iona Alumni) – 689
  3. OPI – 485
  4. The Pearl 31's – 450
  5. Sideline Cancer – 412
  6. South Jamaica Kings – 390
  7. Northeast Players – 328
  8. Silver Spring's Willows Runners – 327
  9. Uknighted – 314
  10. Dubois Dream – 247
  11. Team 15 – 222
  12. Gotham Golden Knights – 220   



The 10-12 spots on the leaderboard are the story in the South, with Golden Boot Dynasty and Memorial Magic (Vanderbilt Alumni) holding onto the top two spots and no major shake ups through the ninth spot. Chatanooga Trenches, DFW Swish and Virginia Flight grabbed the 10th, 11th and 12th spots and are well within striking distance of the top nine. Things continue to get interesting in the next handful of teams, with Kentucky Kings becoming eligible at the 13th spot and Tampa Bulls (USF Alumni) reaching eligibilty at 18th. Ole Hotty Toddy (Ole Miss Alumni) also made a big splash this week when they signed former Ole Miss star Marshall Henderson, a TBT veteran who led Team TMD to last year's Regional Semifinals. 

  1. Golden Boot Dynasty – 1,018
  2. Memorial Magic (Vanderbilt Alumni) – 641
  3. Seven City Grain – 458
  4. HBC – 447
  5. Ram Nation (VCU Alumni) – 421
  6. Blue Zoo (Middle Tennessee Alumni) – 344
  7. Primetime Players – 315
  8. ATL “Hoops4Hunger” – 296
  9. NC Prodigal Sons – 260
  10. Chatanooga Trenches – 248
  11. DFW Swish – 223
  12. Virginia Flight – 205



Hilton Magic Legends (Iowa State Alumni) continue to lead not only the Midwest, but all of TBT in voting. No serious moves are noticed in the Midwest until you get to eighth and find Ants Alumni, a two-time TBT team that was started by a group of players from the 2013-14 NBA D-League Champion Fort Wayne Mad Ants. The Ants need just two more players to become eligible. That's not the case for Team Ohio and Ruza Wave, both of which reached eligibilty this week, but are still looking for a bump in votes to reach the covetted top nine spots. 

  1. Hilton Magic Legends (Iowa State Alumni) – 1,130
  2. Golden Eagles (Marquette Alumni) – 732
  3. The Region – 481
  4. Purple and Black (Kansas State Alumni) – 427
  5. Jackson TN UnderDawgs – 404
  6. Banner Boys (UW-Milwaukee Alumni) – 360
  7. Ants Alumni – 291
  8. Always A Brave (Bradley Alumni) – 289
  9. Majerus Slu Crew (St. Louis Alumni) – 261
  10. Iowa's Finest – 247
  11. C-House Basketball USA – 219
  12. Team Ohio – 196



Team Challenge ALS remains top dog in the West after two weeks and has really started to make some noise on social media. Three spots behind them in fourth is Pedro's Posse, a well-known TBT team thanks to a roster that included former NBA All-Stars Mike Bibby and Jason Williams. Neither of the two big names have officially signed on for this year's tournament, but strong numbers without the two on the roster bodes very well for Pedro's Posse going forward. Armored AthleteTeam 23 and Air Force Bomb Squad (Air Force Alumni) all became eligible this week and are each inside the top 10 in votes. Keep an eye on Team Arizona (Arizona Alumni) down there at 18th. Three former Wildcats are currently on the roster and anytime an alumni team from a blue-blood program comes together, there's a serious potential for a stacked squad. 

  1. Team Challenge ALS – 383
  2. Team Fredette – 313
  3. Armored Athlete – 280
  4. Pedro's Posse – 241
  5. Team 23 – 176
  6. Kimchi Express – 158
  7. Trained To Go – 145
  8. Team Utah (Utah Alumni) – 112
  9. Fresno Brotherhood – 102
  10. Air Force Bomb Squad (Air Force Alumni) – 101
  11. Team Colorado – 98
  12. West Coast Ronin – 89