TBT Podcast: Mike Bruesewitz & Eric Duick


By Morey Hershgordon (@Mahhersh)

What's it like calling a basketball game by yourself?

The always entertaining Mike Bruesewitz joins the TBT Podcast this week as he talks to Dan Friel. Which second language is Bruesewitz becoming fluent in? He walks us through his time as a professional and how he got to where he is today and tells us some interesting stories about his journey. He also tells us about how he joined Team TMD and his plans for TBT 2017.

After, Eric Duick, TBT’s play-by-play voice, talks to Morey Hershgordon about some of his favorite team and player storylines from the last two years of TBT. Duick gives us the inside scoop of how he broadcasts games by himself and how he keeps his voice fresh to be able to do more than ten in a weekend.

As always, Morey and Josh Brown provide their TBT Player Updates about professionals playing all over Europe, Asia, and South America. 

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