TBT Podcast Ep. 73 | David Nurse (The Stickmen)


By: TBT Staff | @TheTournament

It's a busy time of year for David Nurse. With the NBA Draft just over a month away, the former Brooklyn Nets shooting coach and current CEO of Perfect Shots Basketball spends his days preparing some of the best young talent in the game for the transition to professional ball. In addition, Nurse has joined forces with Michael Rapaport in hopes of coaching The Stickmen in #TBT2017.

On this episode of the TBT Podcast, Nurse dissects his journey from college athlete to world-renowned shooting coach and team consultant, explains why he's excited to be coaching The Stickmen in TBT 2017 and provides some insight into a couple of under-the-radar players to look out for in June's NBA Draft. Enjoy!

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