TBT Podcast: The Elam Ending


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

Who needs buzzer beaters?

Imagine sitting in your dorm room, watching the last few minutes of a basketball game take half an hour to play. There’s got to be a better way to do this, you think. But what? Well, Nick Elam has the answer: The Elam Ending. A middle school principal from Ohio, Elam has come up with a revolutionary (and brilliant) way to end basketball games. It involves turning the clock off and playing to a target score. Every game has to end on a make and it’s awesome. The Elam Ending will make its debut at TBT’s Jamboree this June in Philadelphia and, as ESPN’s Zach Lowe reports, the NBA (and the world) will be watching. Dan Friel talks to Nick about the idea, where it came from, why it works, and what he’s looking forward to seeing when the Jamboree comes around this June. 

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