TBT to match G-League's $2,500 per game salary for elite prospects


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

For the next generation of basketball greats, the road to the NBA could begin in TBT 2019.

On Thursday, the G-League announced that beginning this summer, it will offer "Select Contracts" to elite high school prospects who want to forgo college but are not yet eligible for the NBA Draft. These contracts will the pay the prospects $125,000 for the season ($2,500 per game) and provide them "year-long opportunities for on-and-off-the-court professional development."

Following the announcement, the top up-and-coming basketball players in the world were faced with an immediate conundrum: experience playing in the NCAA Tournament or collect a paycheck and begin their professional careers?

But, what if they can have the best of both worlds? 

Following the news, The Basketball Tournament announced that it would be matching the $2,500 per game salary for any of these elite prospects who compete in TBT 2019 prior to joining the G-League.


“The only downside for high school players jumping straight into the NBA or G-League is losing out on the high stakes NCAA Tournament experience," said Jon Mugar, founder and CEO of TBT. "With TBT, we can give those players that opportunity."

In addition to gaining valuable big-game experience, playing in TBT prior to beginning their professional careers has the added benefit of allowing scouts to see a different sort of intangible. 

"While most talent evaluation has trended towards data and analytics, TBT exposes 1) love of the game, and 2) ability to put team achievements over individual achievement," said Mugar. "What better way to increase draft stock than to demonstrate success among those two things?”

Could a team of the best NBA prospects in the country beat four-time TBT champion Overseas Elite? While that may have seemed like a wild hypothetical just yesterday, the answer may now be within reach.


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