TBT to implement Elam Ending rule change to reduce game-ending free throws


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

We're always looking to improve the Elam Ending

It's been a big 365 days for the Elam Ending. The world fell in love again during TBT 2019, when the format is at its best with $2 million on the line. It earned the full-fledged endorsement of Chris Paul. The NBA adopted a verison for the All-Star Game. Both the media and those inside locker rooms alike are advocating for it to be adopted widespread across basketball. 

With that being said, we're always looking to improve. That's always been the goal of the Elam Ending - to preserve as natural an end-of-game experience as possible no matter how long it takes. That's why in TBT 2020 during the Elam Ending any foul on the floor while in the bonus will result in one shot and possession of the ball. As Zach Lowe writes for ESPN, not only will it cut down on the number of games that end with a free throw, but it will also discourage intentional fouling when an opponent is three points from the target score.

Let's hear Nick Elam explain: