TBT 2018 Bracket Challenge Winners select prizes


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

Our bracket challenge winners are walking away with some EPIC prizes!

From a TBT 2019 at-large selection, to cold hard cash, to eggs for a decade, winning our annual bracket challenge certainly has its perks. With the summer slowly creeping up, it was time to put a ribbon on TBT 2018 and have our contestants select their prizes. Here's what they ended up choosing!

Beverly James - TBT 2019 At-large selection



Charlie Espinoza - Custom Jersey



Darrell Jones - $500



Samantha Hurley - Eggs for a decade



James Williams - $250



Gerald Young - $5,000 half court shot 




Christian Cope - $100



Vince PeGan - $2,000 half court shot



Holland Mack - Official TBT basketball


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