A statement from TBT Founder/CEO Jon Mugar regarding Coronavirus


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

The following statement was released by TBT regarding Coronavirus:

There have been a series of jarring cancellations in the sports world over the past week and our hearts go out to all the competitors, coaches, fans, support staff, and organizers whose seasons were lost. We recognize their enormous sacrifice. Once again, sports used its powerful leadership voice to impact society for the good. Suspending seasons, and in some cases canceling events, underlined to us (their fans) the importance of immediate action to combat the virus. People are now aware of the threat and are being educated on best practices to impede its spread. We at TBT are committed to doing whatever we can to play our part and will continue to pay close attention to CDC recommendations as they evolve. 

For now, we look forward 4-5 months to summertime, when we hope to be able to host a collection of teams, all across the country, for competitive, meaningful, championship basketball once again. Therefore, this week, we opened our online team application process as planned. We hope you find some fun and respite in participating in the process or following along. 

Stay safe and we can’t wait to play basketball this July!

- Jon Mugar, Founder/CEO