Regional Rankings: 5.5.17


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

Week #5: Calendar flips to May as #TBT2017 draws closer 

Let’s take a look at the standings as of May 5, 2017.  Please note that the standings and the vote tallies of the teams are subject to change, and what is published here may not be reflective of the standings as they are displayed on

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The Talladega Knights may only have two players on the roster as of Friday afternoon, but the fan votes continue to pour in. Josh Boone and company hold a commanding lead on the top spot in the Northeast Region with over 1,200 votes. They're followed by OPI and GaelNation, who are both approaching four digits themselves. Despite launching their comeback bid just over a week ago, Syracuse fans have propelled Boeheim's Army to fifth place in the region with over 700 votes. It was also a big week for DC On Point and Dubois Dream, who both scratched and clawed their way into popularity bid territory with just four weeks to go in registration. 

  1. Talladega Knights – 1,240
  2. OPI – 944
  3. GaelNation (Iona Alumni) – 941
  4. Sideline Cancer – 795
  5. Boeheim's Army (Syracuse Alumni) – 718
  6. Northeast Players – 659
  7. Silver Spring's Willows Runners – 646
  8. DC On Point – 494
  9. Dubois Dream – 484



Alumni teams continue to dominate the Midwest Region, with the Hilton Magic Legends and Golden Eagles leading the charge. After announcing on Wednesday that Greg Oden, Aaron Craft and other notable Ohio State legends would be putting together a team for #TBT2017, Scarlet & Gray already finds themselves with over 500 votes in just over 48 hours. Right below them, the race for the 7-9 spots in the Midwest continues to be fought tooth and nail, as Ants Alumni, C-House Basketball USA and Banner Boys are all seperated by just 51 votes, with several teams knipping at their heels.

  1. Hilton Magic Legends (iowa State Alumni) – 1,218
  2. Golden Eagles (Marquette Alumni) – 909
  3. Jackson TN Underdawgs – 802
  4. The Region – 685
  5. Purple and Black (Kansas State Alumni) – 604
  6. Scarlet & Gray (The Ohio State University Alumni) – 541
  7. Ants Alumni – 517
  8. C-House Basketball USA - 496
  9. Banner Boys (UW-Milwaukee Alumni) – 466



The same nine teams as last week continue to enjoy their perch a top the standings in the South Region. The squad that made the biggest improvement was Ram NationAfter sitting in sixth place last Friday, the VCU alumni squad racked up 217 votes this week to move into third. But just because the teams have stayed the same does not mean they are a shoe-in. With the NC Prodigal Sons, Tampa Bulls and Ole Hotty Toddy well within striking distance, a bitter battle has ensued between the Chattanooga Trenches, PrimeTime Players and Atlanta Dirty South to hold on to the final three spots in the region.

  1. Golden Boot Dynasty – 1,400
  2. Memorial Magic (Vanderbilt Alumni)  – 759
  3. Ram Nation (VCU Alumni) – 753
  4. Seven City Grain – 710
  5. ATL "Hoops4Hunger" – 637
  6. HBC – 618
  7. Chattanooga Trenches – 571
  8. PrimeTime Players – 544
  9. Atlanta Dirty South – 483



After jumping from the Northeast to the West, The Pearl 31's continue to hold a slight edge over Team Challenge ALS as they rapidly approach 600 votes. Behind them, Armored Athlete, Team Fredette, Trained To Go and Pedro's Posse all continue to jockey for position in a tight West Region. A couple of fresh faces also find themselves in the top nine this week. The Canton Bulldogs and NWA: Nation Wide All-Stars replace West Coast Ronin and Kimchi Express after a strong week on the recruiting trail.

  1. The Pearl 31's – 586
  2. Team Challenge ALS – 528
  3. Armored Athlete – 506
  4. Team Fredette – 497
  5. Trained To Go – 438
  6. Pedro's Posse – 435
  7. Canton Bulldogs – 373
  8. Team Utah (Utah Alumni) – 327
  9. NWA: Nation Wide All-Stars – 307