Regional Rankings: 5.12.17


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

Week #6: A look at the standings with just three weeks remaining in the registration process

Let’s take a look at the standings as of May 12, 2017.  Please note that the standings and the vote tallies of the teams are subject to change, and what is published here may not be reflective of the standings as they are displayed on

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Boeheim's Army continues to surge, collecting nearly 500 votes this week alone. The Syracuse alumni squad now sits just 76 votes away from from the top spot in the region, which is currently occupied by Josh Boone, Tyrone Nash and the rest of the Talladega Knights.  Right below them, OPI, South Jamaica Kings, GaelNation and Sideline Cancer all continue to jockey for position in a tight Northeast region.  The race for the 7-9 spots remain neck-and-neck as well. Although the Silver Spring's Willows Runners, Northeast Players and DC on Point currently reign supreme, Dubois Dream is just over 30 votes away from playing spoiler and snagging a spot for themselves.

  1. Talladega Knights – 1,241
  2. Boeheim's Army (Syracuse Alumni) – 1,165
  3. OPI – 1,075
  4. South Jamaica Kings – 1,059
  5. GaelNation – 999
  6. Sideline Cancer – 924
  7. Silver Spring's Willows Runners – 708
  8. Northeast Players – 684
  9. DC on Point – 661



While not much has changed in the Midwest, one team has taken on a bit of an identity change this week. Formerly known as the Ants Alumni, the 2014 D-League champions and 2015 TBT semifinalists are now playing under the name Fort Wayne Champs. Either way, the team remains in the top nine with just three weeks remaining in the registration period. Other than that, the Midwest continues to be dominated by college alumni teams. If registration ended today, Hilton Magic Legends, Golden Eagles, Scarlet & Gray, Purple and Black and Banner Boys would all get in via a popularity bid. 

  1. Hilton Magic Legends (iowa State Alumni) – 1,300
  2. Golden Eagles (Marquette Alumni) – 935
  3. Jackson TN Underdawgs – 817
  4. The Region – 696
  5. Scarlet & Gray (The Ohio State University Alumni) – 688
  6. Purple and Black (Kansas State Alumni) – 677
  7. Fort Wayne Champs – 552
  8. Banner Boys (UW-Milwaukee Alumni) - 549
  9. C-House Basketball USA – 524



The PrimeTime Players had the biggest week of anybody in the South, racking up 201 votes and jumping up three spots to fifth in the rankings. The NC Prodigal Sons also had a notable couple of days. After sitting on the outside looking in last week, Jason Caldwell and company racked up more than 200 votes to claim the ninth spot in the region. The development leaves HBC outside of popularity bid territory for now, although they are just one big day away from regaining their perch in the top nine.

  1. Golden Boot Dynasty – 1,517
  2. Ram Nation (VCU Alumni) – 829
  3. Memorial Magic (Vanderbilt Alumni) – 769
  4. Seven City Grain – 747
  5. PrimeTime Players – 745
  6. ATL "Hoops4Hunger" – 723
  7. Chattanooga Trenches – 704
  8. Atlanta Dirty South – 701
  9. NC Prodigal Sons – 698



After briefly falling to second last week, Team Challenge ALS regains their spot a top the West rankings. Behind them, The Pearl 31's, Team Fredette, Armored Athlete and Pedro's Posse are all seperated by just 107 votes. Two new teams also find themselves in the top nine this week. The Wasatch Front received a boost after it was announced that two-time NBA All-Star Damian Lillard would be coaching the team this summer. Two-time TBT participant and podcasting legends Mostly Sports Delco also jump into the picture after their loyal army of fans came out in full force this week.

  1. Team Challenge ALS – 646
  2. The Pearl 31's – 607
  3. Team Fredette – 550
  4. Armored Athlete – 515
  5. Pedro's Posse – 500
  6. The Wasatch Front (Weber State Alumni) – 478
  7. Trained To Go – 458
  8. Mostly Sports Delco – 447
  9. NWA: Nation Wide All-Stars & Canton Bulldogs – 414