Moore hoping fifth time's the charm in TBT 2018


By: Danny Holdsman | @DHoldsman

Ramone Moore is hoping his fifth go-around in TBT will be the most successful of all


From a 32-team tournament in Philadelphia to a 72-team nation-wide affair on national television, Ramone Moore has been with TBT since the beginning.

The 29-year-old Philadelphian played the first three years with the North Broad Street Bullies (Temple alumni) and is now in his second year with the Talladega Knights.

The Knights are mostly comprised of guys from the Philadelphia area. Moore is joined by fellow Temple grad Semaj Inge, Drexel alums Frantz Massenat and Samme Givens, and former Philadelphia Public League standouts Novar Gadson and Shannon Givens. The team was assembled by coach Tony Paris, who does offseason workouts with many of the players in West Philadelphia.

Moore is embracing his fifth appearance in TBT, contributing 10 points and eight rebounds in Talladega’s play-in win over the South Jamaica Kings. I caught up with him to talk TBT, Temple basketball, and his current professional career overseas.


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