Majerus SLU Crew honor late coach in TBT


Matt Marske, a four-year manager for the Saint Louis basketball team, is set to graduate in less than two weeks. He saw, firsthand, the success of the program, as the Billikens went 92-43 from 2011-15, which is even more impressive when you factor in that 21 of those losses came this past season.

It wasn’t exactly the senior year he had hoped for. After three consecutive trips to the NCAA Tournament, Marske saw a rebuilding season in 2014-15. But as his days at SLU come to an end, he’s constructing a team to go on one more tournament run.

Marske is the GM of the Majerus SLU Crew, named in honor of the late Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus, who passed away in 2012 during Marske’s sophomore year.

“I think anyone can tell you what a great influence he was on them,” Marske said. “I could tell the players responded to him so well.

“The team that I’m assembling, I’m hoping to have six players who were recruited and played for Coach Majerus. If you talk to any of them they’ll tell you what a profound effect he had on them."

Of those players are Dwayne Evans and Jordair Jett, two of the best in program’s history. Also on the roster is Mike McCall Jr. and Danny Brown, who is currently an assistant coach for Majerus’ successor Jim Crews. Marske is also hoping to have Cory Remekun and Kwamain Mitchell on the team as well. Players from the Houston area, where Brown is originally from, will help fill about the rest of the roster.

“We host summer camps in kids in June,” Marske said. “All of our SLU alums come back as camp counselors, so I know our SLU guys will be there. We’re going to try and organize some practices after camp. If we can, we’d like to get those guys from Houston up.”

While the team reunites and looks for a chance to play on ESPN – and cash in on $75,000 each – Marske is using The Basketball Tournament as training for a potential career down the road. Marske is enrolling in law school at IUPUI in Indianapolis this fall, looking to focus on sports law.

“A lot of what I’m doing -- getting guys on the radio, getting guys signed -- I finding a lot of things I’m doing [in TBT] to be similar to things I’d be doing in the future.”

Before he begins law school, he'd like to have a lengthy run with TBT. If the Majerus SLU Crew, currently third in the Midwest Region, reaches the Super 17 in Chicago, Marske could end up facing the Notre Dame Fighting Alumni, the TBT defending champions, which also happens to be the school he grew up rooting for. 

But soon he will be a Billiken for life. For those unfamiliar with what a Billiken is, it's believed to bring good luck. That's nice to have in a single-elimination tournament.