Lynchburg Winging It, Loving It


A single text message from Joe Sancio his to college buddies was all it took to reconvene The Lynchburg College Club Basketball team and to get the squad geared up to make a run at playing in The Basketball Tournament.  Having enjoyed great success, and great times, in the college club basketball circuit just a few years ago, Sancio and his crew look forward to participating in TBT in 2015 and aren’t leaving much to chance when it comes to qualification.

With over 450 votes, Lynchburg (the Hornets) are thriving in the ultra-competitive Northeast Region, and look to add more votes to their tally nearly every minute of every day. A client service associate for a financial services company in New York, Sancio once worked as an intern with the 76ers and spent a year as an assistant at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, NJ.  Although he did take a marketing course at Lynchburg College, Sancio is “winging this one and learning” as he goes. Sancio recently reached out to the National Parkinson’s Foundation, a charity he and his teammates supported throughout college, and while a long-shot, the team has decided to make a substantial donation to the foundation should they pull a Hickory High and win the whole thing.

Sancio’s outreach isn’t limited to the philanthropic.  He’s handling the team’s twitter account (@LCCLUBBALL) and has quixotically taken to tweeting at news personality Geraldo Rivera.  “My girlfriend and I were at the New York Auto Show a few weeks ago and randomly saw him.  We figured we’d go take a picture with him and I then thought it would be a good idea just to tweet it from there and just really hope he becomes a fan. It’d be great to sit down with him and do an interview” Sancio told TBT.  Rivera has not replied to the tweets. TBT did not seek out the long-time newsman for comment.

“[TBT] just seems fun. It’s always been my dream to keep playing basketball and be involved with it, as well as so many guys on our team. This is what they live for. It’s what they do. It’s a great escape for them. They don’t get the competitiveness anymore that they used to,” Sancio says. “TBT is kind of bringing everybody back together and letting them relive the glory days.”

The team is not overly concerned about their potential opponents. “We really don’t care about the competition. We’re in it to play. We’re in it for the experience. And we’re ready to take on anybody.  It doesn’t matter,” Sancio said. “I’m more concerned about our team and what we’re doing. Whatever comes up in the tournament and whoever we have to play, we’ll handle it then.”