The Keys to Fan Voting


By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

A guide to voting for your favorite TBT 2017 team

It seems like the application period for TBT 2017 just started, but there’s less than one month left to get your team into this year’s field and have a shot at taking home $2 million. With each vote being so important to the success of both the teams and fans, here’s a refresher on the key things to keep in mind surrounding TBT 2017 voting before the field is announced on June 6.

The Payout

A $200,000 cut of the $2 million prize will go straight to the fans, with the top 100 fans taking home some dough. Here’s the fan payout breakdown based on total points:

Fan #1: $20,000

Fans #2-5: $10,000

Fans #6-20: $4,000

Fans #21-100: $1,000

One Vote Per Person

From now until the TBT 2017 field is announced on June 6, you get to vote for ONE team – so choose wisely! This vote will earn you your first fan point and get you on your way to bringing home your own cut of the $2 million on the line.

Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

After picking up your first fan point, work your way up your team’s leaderboard by recruiting others to vote for your team. Got a big family? Huge network of friends at school? Or maybe you’ve got a bunch of basketball fans in your office? Get them to voting and every time a vote is cast from someone you recruited, you’ll earn a point too.

Social media is a huge tool to help recruit fans for your team. Promote your team loud and proud on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Chances are your favorite players have an account on at least one of these social platforms, so don’t be afraid to tag your favorite players or the team accounts in your posts.

Votes Must Be Legitimate

With $200,000 of the winning prize going straight to the winning team’s fans, we’ve seen our fair share of attempts at gaining illegitimate votes. TBT's goal is to oversee a fair voting process and over the years we've developed some sophisticated protocols to ensure that we achieve that goal. Simply put – don’t try it. It won’t go unnoticed and if TBT feels strongly that all of your fan votes aren’t legit, you could be disqualified from fan voting.

There's still plenty of time for you to get in on the TBT 2017 action as a fan. Don't let the June 1 deadline discourage you -- you'd be shocked at how big your fan base could grow and how many points you could earn in a week or two. All it takes is a little passion and commitment!