July 15 Schedule


By: TBT Staff

The Midwest and West regionals get underway Saturday morning from Peoria and Las Vegas! 32 teams will battle for eight remaining spots in next weekend's Super 16 in Brooklyn. You can watch every game from this weekend's action LIVE on WatchESPN/ESPN3!

*All game times are listed in Eastern Standard Time

10:00 a.m.            Purple and Black vs. Canton Bulldogs (WATCH)

11:45 a.m.            Hilton Magic Legends vs. Illinois Hoopville Warriors (WATCH)

12:00 p.m.            Team 23 vs. Pedro's Posse (WATCH)

1:30 p.m.              Banner Boys vs. Jackson TN Underdawgs (WATCH)

1:45 p.m.              Armored Athlete vs. The Pearl 31's (WATCH)

3:15 p.m.              Scarlet & Gray vs. The Region (WATCH)

3:30 p.m.              Trained To Go vs. Broad St. Brawlers (WATCH)

5:00 p.m.              Always a Brave vs. Mid American Unity (WATCH)

5:15 p.m.              Team Colorado vs. Kimchi Express (WATCH)

6:45 p.m.              Fort Wayne Champs vs. Peoria All-Stars (WATCH)

7:00 p.m.              Team Utah vs. Team Fredette (WATCH)

8:30 p.m.              Golden Eagles Alumni vs. Midwest Dream Squad (WATCH)

8:45 p.m.              Few Good Men vs. Mostly Sports Delco (WATCH)

10:15 p.m.            Majerus SLU Crew vs. HBC (WATCH)

10:30 p.m.            Team Challenge ALS vs. The Wasatch Front (WATCH)

12:15 a.m.            The Stickmen vs. Air Force Bomb Squad (WATCH)