The Elam Ending took over the All-Star Game and the internet loved it


By: Josh Brown | @josh_brown31

The Elam Ending took the basketball world by storm Sunday night

When the NBA announced they were adopting the Elam Ending format for the All-Star Game, we knew the basketball world would fall in love. It turns out that was grossly underselling it. After three relatively normal All-Star quarters and a 133-124 lead for Team Giannis, the teams played to a target score of 157 (the NBA used +24 to honor Kobe Bryant). That's when everything changed. LeBron and Giannis went to war on both ends of the court. Kyle Lowry was taking charges like it was a playoff game. Chris Paul rushed across the floor for multiple loose balls. Essentially, for the first time in years, the players involved put their pride on the line and went all out on every single possession.


While Team LeBron ended up winning on an Anthony Davis free throw, when it was all said and done, the outcome didn't really matter. The internet was shocked. The Elam Ending, which has been implemented in TBT since 2017, saved the All-Star Game. Here's just some of the reaction: