An early look at the top TBT 2021 free agents


By: Gabe Maturo

Will we see DWade or Isaiah Thomas in TBT 2021???

With TBT 2020 in the rear-view mirror, the offseason rumor mill is in full force. Given that the talent continues to improve every year, what kind of players could we look forward to in TBT 2021? Here’s a list of ten free agents who TBT fans hope will hit the courts next summer.

Dwyane Wade

A year removed from a magical 16-year career in the NBA, Dwyane Wade could be looking to hoop again. If he does decide to return to the court, TBT could be his next landing spot. He already has a championship team waiting for him in the Golden Eagles, the Marquette alumni team that features Wade’s former teammate Travis Diener, who he teamed up with to reach the 2003 Final Four. Wade has been active on social media supporting the team over the years. Could we see him make his long-awaited TBT debut in 2021?


Isaiah Thomas

After his NBA career has come to a halt for the time being, Isaiah Thomas is still craving competitive hoops. What better place to redeem yourself than TBT? Thomas’ famous “IT Time” could make opposing teams frightened to face him in the Elam Ending. 


Jimmer Fredette

Fredette has already shown fans that he is one of TBT’s all-time greatest scorers. In 2018, he averaged 31 points per game for Team Fredette, the most in TBT history. Now, two years removed from his last TBT performance, the sharpshooter could look to return to the tournament. This time, though, Fredette could join his former teammates on an already stacked The Money Team and chase his first TBT championship.


Swaggy P

It’s been over a year since Swaggy P has seen the court. A former NBA fan-favorite and social media force, Nick Young would fit right in at TBT. With a love for pick-up ball seen in summers spent playing in the Drew League, he already fits the style of the Elam Ending. Swaggy P has shown interest in TBT recently, posting a comment on the tournament’s Instagram page hinting that he would play if he was allowed to enter a USC alumni team.


Lance Stephenson

His 9-year NBA career came to a close just over a year ago, but Lance Stephenson can still ball. Last season in China, Stephenson averaged 26.7 ppg for the Liaoning Flying Leopards. If he’s looking to prove himself back in the States, TBT could be the best place for him. The fun and energetic style of basketball that Stephenson brings could be the spark that several teams are looking for as they chase $2 million.



Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin loves to hoop. In 2019, he won a title with the Toronto Raptors. Last season, he averaged 22.4 ppg for the Shougang Beijing Ducks in the Chinese Basketball Association. Recently, however, Lin stated that he is leaving China in the hopes of an NBA comeback. TBT can provide Lin the avenue he needs to get exposure and work his way back to the league. Longtime TBT participant Kimchi Express, who takes pride in representing Asian culture, could be just the team he’s looking for to shine and build his brand on the TBT courts.


Isaiah Canaan

Throughout his 5-year career in the NBA, Isaiah Canaan has proved that he is a versatile, pass-first point guard. A little over a year removed from NBA competition,  Canaan has been getting buckets in China for the Shandong Golden Stars, where he put up 21.4 ppg last season. Coming from an NBA career that saw a lot of bouncing around, the shifty point guard could be looking to make a name for himself. With his style of play and professional experience, he would fit right in at TBT. In June, Canaan posted an Instagram story asking fans if he should play in TBT. After Covid-19 took its course things got a bit derailed, but there is still a steady amount of interest coming from the guard. 


Trey Burke

Trey Burke gets buckets. If the Dallas Mavericks guard is looking for a place to play competitive summer basketball, TBT might be just the spot for him. Burke would make an immediate impact and take the tournament by storm with his lethal three pointers and his knack for finding open guys. In 2020, rumors swirled that Burke would join his best friend Jared Sullinger on Carmen’s Crew. If Burke doesn’t land himself on an NBA roster come summertime, could we see him take the court in TBT?


Sam Dekker

Since taking his talents outside of the NBA, Sam Dekker has been hooping in Russia. The former NBA role player could become a star in TBT. After making a name for himself in the Big Ten in college, he could team up with Big X for a run at the TBT title. 



R.J. Hunter

After an up-and-down NBA and G-League career, R.J. Hunter could be looking for some consistent basketball to prove himself. The three-point sniper would be a deadly addition to any team in TBT. With that being said, in 2020 a Georgia State alumni team named “Panther Family” applied to TBT and would have likely been accepted if it wasn’t for Covid-19 forcing a condenced tournament. They are the obvious choice for Hunter to show TBT what he’s all about.