Competitiveness, not money, drives Showtime's top fan Rayna Spears


Showtime is looking for a return trip to The Basketball Tournament this summer. The team has received a vote from almost everyone in Council, Virginia. Although Showtime's biggest fan recruiter is located 60 miles away from the southeast Virginia town. 

Rayna Spears, a student at King University in Bristol, Tennessee, is dating Showtime point guard Scott Hendricks. What started out as a favor has turned into an obesssion for Spears.

TBT: How did you hear about The Basketball Tournament?

RS:  Scott told me about it. He texted me and said ‘Hey, can you get your [soccer] team to go this website and register?' I said, ‘Let me do it first to see what happens' because they don’t want to get blown up with emails.’

That's when I saw it was a fan thing.

TBT: What made you want to keep recruiting, even after getting your soccer team to vote?

RS: I’m a very competitive person. So at first when there was like two other people ahead of me I was thought, ‘Oh man, wouldn’t it be cool if I was No. 1?'

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TBT: What did you do to take that top spot?

RS: Me and my team went around campus one day and talked to a whole bunch of people. It got to the point where I was over 30 votes and I was only two votes away from No. 1. There was one night where I guess she saw that I was getting a lot of votes, and she would move up to 37 and I moved up to 36. And then I got to 38 and I was like, ‘This is really happening!'

TBT: Seeing as you put in so much work, have you thought about what you would do with the $5,000 if Showtime were to win TBT?

RS: I haven’t even thought about it. I would still probably get a lot of fans even if there wasn’t any money involved. I just like to support Scott.

TBT: Will you travel to Atlanta to watch Showtime play?

RS: I go to pretty much all of Scott's games. So his senior year, when he was playing in the [Division II] NCAA Tournament, it was four hours from my school and I went and supported him. I don’t mind driving. 

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