Ashley Rush has recruited 62% of Global Select's fans


Global Select is the No. 1 team in the West Region (Los Angeles) with 214 votes as of Sunday. While GM Brian Gee has assembled a roster of California players, who are currently playing overseas in different countries, his girlfriend, Ashley Rush, has been active on the recruiting trail. She's responsible for 62 percent of Global Select's votes. Rush says she's Gee's No. 1 fan, so why wouldn't she be Global Select's top fan?

TBT: For those who don't know, what's your connection to Global Select?

AR: I am Brian Gee's girlfriend. He is the General Manager of Global Select.

TBT: When Brian first approached you with this idea -- a $1,000,000 tournament with no entry fee -- what were you're initial thoughts?

AR: Brian has always had a huge passion for basketball. In fact, he used to play professionally overseas in Germany. Although, he does not play professionally anymore, he has carried that passion and competitive drive with him. It was no surprise to me when he found this tournament online. He had an itch to get back in the game somehow. I knew right then and there he was going to give it his all to win, and that I was going to do anything I could to help support him. We have known about this tournament for about a year now, and have been strategically planning so that his team will make it out on top. Brian has worked very hard for this and I couldnt be more proud of him. There is no doubt in my mind that Global Select will win this tournament.

TBT: You've recruited more than 130 fans for Global Select. What has been the strategy for you to recruit fans?

AR: I am Brian's No. 1 fan in general, so I knew I had to do anything I could to be his No. 1 fan for this tournament. But I can't take all the credit, Brian has been a huge help with why I am the No. 1 fan. We are constantly working together and thinking of ways we can recruit people and make his team stand out from the rest. Brian created an image of his team to post and we thought of a catchy logo together to catch peoples attention. So with that image, we contacted all our friends and co-workers to help support him in this tournament. So far he has 214 fans and still going strong.

Brian came up with the idea to create this image of his team so that when we post about the tournament people will recognize some of the alumni players who have played for major schools, such as UCLA and Stanford, and want to vote. When the team name was finalized we bounced ideas off one another for the logo. I suggested that since his team name has the word global in it, how about making the basketball look like a globe. Then that was placed on the image and would be used for TBT.

TBT: It sounds like you're on your way to Girlfriend of the Year, but this is something you two have bonded over?

AR: No, I would not say we have bonded over it. We already had a strong bond before this tournament began. We love each other so much and believe in putting each other first and working as a team to achieve our dreams. I know how badly he wants this, so as his girlfriend I support him and will do what I need to so that he can achieve his dreams.

TBT: Still very early in the whole process, but let's say it's August 2 and Global Select wins TBT (with you as the top fan). Have you and Brian talked about what you would do with the money?

AR: Yes, we have discussed here and there what we would do if he won this tournament and I won the $5,000. We think about our future a lot and enjoy so many things. If we were to win this tournament there would be so much we could plan for. However, we don't try to focus so much on the money at this point. We are just so blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a tournament like this, and doing whatever we can to win.

TBT: Global Select and Cali Boyz have been the top two teams in the West from the start. What's Brian thoughts on the fact that Cali Boyz GM, Larry Gordon attended Cal Poly Pomona, a rival school of his?

Also, a Colorado alumni team entered and saw a huge burst of votes to start. Any concern a team could come out of nowhere to dethrone Global Select, and what do you need to make sure that Global Select remains No. 1?

AR: I remember him mentioning it once. However, Brian really does not focus on other teams and their players. He focuses on what he has to do to get as many fans as possible, and creating a winning basketball team. His thought process is, 'How is focusing on others going to help me?' Although there are players on Brian’s team who may know of other players like Larry Gordon in the tournament, there is no rivalry there. The rivalry is the fact that they both are in the LA area competing for a spot in this tournament. Cali Boyz and Global Select are in the same area and know the same people. If anything this lights a fire under Brian to be the No. 1 ranked team in the west. As I mentioned before, our team does not have any concern about another team being ahead in the votes or their talent. Our main focus is Global Select! All we care about is what can we do to win this tournament.